Acoustic Pianos

Vertical Pianos

Spinets, Consoles, Studios, Uprights

Vertical pianos range in height from around 36" to over 54" tall.  Spinets are around 36"-41" tall, consoles are around 42"-44" tall and studios range from 45" to 48" (though a few models are 52" tall).  Pre-1930's upright pianos (colloquially called "high backs" in this area) are usually 54"-56" or taller.

Most vertical pianos are within a few inches (plus or minus) of being 5 feet wide and 2 feet deep.  Spinets/Consoles/Studios tend to be an inch or two less, old antique uprights tend to be an inch or two more, though exceptions can be found in both categories.

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Grand Pianos

Grands & Baby Grands

Grand pianos are measured front to back to determine their size. Measure from the front edge of the piano to the overhang on the back of the lid. Generally speaking, "baby grand" refers to a piano that is 5' 6" or shorter. Some manufacturers use the term "petite grand" to describe a piano under 5'. Various terms such as "parlor grand" and "living room grand" are used from time to time and generally denote a grand larger than a baby grand but shorter than a semi-concert grand (7' -8') or concert grand (9')Grand 

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Player Pianos

Player Pianos

Player Pianos can be the traditional, paper roll type mechanism, (of which there are numerous variations) or the more modern digital type (which includes names like PianoDisc, Pianomation, Disklavier, Pianocorder and more).  For this page we will be showing the traditional paper roll pianos we have available.

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