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Custom Grand Pianos

One of our specialties is (re)building a piano to our customers specifications.  While not usually practical from a financial standpoint for smaller pianos, grand pianos present the opportunity to have one made just the way you want it.  Whether it's customizing the cabinet finish light or dark, red tones to brown tones, black or white or something wild like hot pink with purple flames - we can do it.  Maybe you want a bright tone or a more mellow tone - we can do that too.  Don't settle for what's "out there" - this is a once in a lifetime purchase, let us make it memorable.

Browse our current selection of restoration candidates below, or... if you have one in mind somewhere else let me know - we're glad to restore one of ours or yours.

Baldwin G #61890

Another wonderful piano with potential - a Baldwin model G 5' 6" baby grand, serial number 61890, built in 1929.  Original condition.  Mahogany cabinet, genuine ivory keytops.  This is a really good piano, worth restoring.

$1,250 as-is

$10,995 restored (you refinish)

$16,995 refinished and restored

Interested in a player system?  We can add a PianoDisc or Pianomation system too.

J.C. Fischer #106400

6' 1" in length.  Every J.C. Fischer piano I've encountered has been an exceptionally well built instrument and this one is no exception.  The cabinet design is also worth noting - the right leg and left leg are mirror opposites of each other, a theme repeated on the column of the pedal lyre as well.  Built in 1898.  Figured Mahogany cabinet.

$1,500 as-is

$11,995 interior restored (you refinish)

$17,995 restored & refinished

Knabe #71058

Well known, quality brand.  Attractive Mahogany cabinet - presentable with moderate cabinet work or can completely refinish.  Loose tuning pins (common for instruments this old) - will need new pinblock & strings.  Action does play... but will need rebuilding for this piano to achieve its full potential.

$1,750 as-is

$14,995 restored with cabinet work

$19,995 restored & refinished

Knabe #100612

Well known, quality brand, excellent mahogany cabinet.  Loose tuning pins, will need restoration including a new pinblock & strings.

$1,250 as-is

$11,995 restored w/cabinet clean & polish

Lester #44250

Lester isn't generally a piano that comes to peoples minds when thinking about exceptional grand pianos.  This one might change your mind.  It incorporates a number of Steinway designs (string scale, plate design, aliquots, etc.) and was so similar that Steinway sued (successfully) for Lester to discontinue production of this model.  While it certainly isn't a Steinway, that bit of design and history adds another layer of interest to a piano that already has great potential and a gorgeous Mahogany cabinet.

$1,250 as-is

$12,995 restored (you refinish)

$18,995 restored & refinished

Mason & Hamlin model A #39526

Arguably a potent competitor for Steinway, this 1929 Mason & Hamlin 5' 8" model A has what it takes.  Restoration already started but not too far along to let us finish the cabinet and restore the strings and action to exactly what you want.

$19,999 Restored & Refinished

Add a PianoDisc player system for $4,999

Starr #168887

6' 1" in length.  Marginally playable but really eeds complete restoration.  Pinblock, strings, action, cabinet.

$2,495 as-is

$11,995 restored (you refinish)

$17,995 restored & Refinished

Weber #74713

Previously restored player mechanism (35+ years ago) that needs restoration. Strings and action original, need restoration. Cabinet decent, could use touch up work. Available as-is, partially restored (we can do the part you don't want to...) or fully restored.

$3500 as-is

$??? partial restoration

$19,995 rebuilt

Baldwin Concert Grand

Built during the heyday of great pianos, this 1920 Baldwin model D 9' concert grand has a tremendous amount of potential.  Slated for full restoration.  Let us build it the way you want it.

Price varies according to needs, contact me.