Player Pianos for Sale

Player Pianos

Another facet of our business is the restoration of player pianos - traditional foot pumped players, reproducing player pianos and coin operated pianos such as A and O roll orchestrions.

Player piano mechanisms have a lifespan of around 30-40 years under average conditions.  If you are considering purchase of a used player piano try to determine the age of the piano and the last time the player was rebuilt.  If the piano is original and over 30 years old or the player was last restored over 30 years ago be particularly cautious.  Also, some brands are more difficult than others to restore.  Let us help - I'm glad to discuss a piano I have or one you're looking at elsewhere.

Interested in restoring your own player mechanism?  Great!  We can help.  Contact me.

Available Player Pianos for Restoration

Aeolian #43035

Aeolian foot pumped upright player piano, #43035 built in 1915.  Gorgeous quarter sawn oak ("tiger oak") cabinet.  Original condition, needs restoration.

Angelus “Push-up” Player

Well, not a player piano but a piano player.  External player mechanism that was built before "inner players" became common.  Also incorporates a reed organ.  Interesting piece, original, needs restoration.  Designed to play 58 note rolls.

Baldwin Howard #66676

Baldwin Howard player piano, # 66676 built in 1911.  Mahogany cabinet, restorable ivory keyboard (about 12 pieces damaged or missing). Baldwin made excellent player mechanisms, very easy to pump when properly restored.

Knabe Ampico #93395

Knabe upright piano with Ampico reproducing player mechanism.  Serial #93395, built in 1922.  Excellent Mahogany cabinet, excellent ivory keytops.  Needs complete restoration but everything is there.

More photos HERE

Playotone #73676

Made by Hardman & Peck.  Serial #73676, made in 1913. Mahogany cabinet with very nice figuring, restorable ivory keyboard (about 12 damaged pieces).  

Weber Duo-Art Grand #74713

Most of the pianos on this page are uprights, but here is a nice 1918 Weber Duo-Art reproducing grand.  Decent mahogany cabinet (needs some touchup), needs full interior restoration including player mechanism.

A.B. Chase #58777

A.B. Chase pianos were very highly regarded for their quality.  What makes this piano even more interesting is it does not have the cumbersome under the keys mechanism indigenous to most A.B. Chase pianos - in fact, this is the only one I've ever seen that has an internal player mechanism.

Lindenburg #18026

Lindenburg with Amphion player mechanism.  Mahogany cabinet with nice lines, great to restore or convert into an O roll player (we do that sometimes - not worth what an original O roll orchestrion is worth.... which also means you don't have as much invested in it....)

1918 Weber Duo-Art Grand #74713

Previously restored player mechanism (35+ years ago) that needs restoration.  Strings and action original, need restoration.  Cabinet decent, could use touch up work.  Available as-is, partially restored (we can do the part you don't want to...) or fully restored.

$3500 as-is

$??? partial restoration

$19,995 rebuilt

This is just a sample of what we have - if you don't see what you're looking for contact me.  I have a number of sources for player pianos including some hard to find instruments.

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