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George Steck Studio piano, custom cabinet finished in satin Ebony and Ash Grey with matching bench and highly polished hardware.  Regulated and tuned.


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Additional Pianos:

Winter #310514

Good starter piano, all keys play, pedals work.  Local delivery $99.




Baldwin spinet #1274477

Baldwin spinet piano, Walnut cabinet, matching bench, professionally cleaned and adjusted.  All keys play properly, pedals adjusted, great looking cabinet.


Financing available, apply online!

Kohler & Campbell #761728

Kohler & Campbell console piano, Walnut cabinet, matching bench.  Professionally cleaned, adjusted and tuned to A440.

Measures 57 3/4" wide, 25" deep and 41" tall.

SOLD! Delivered to Shreveport, LA

Yamaha #B124764

Yamaha console, Walnut cabinet w/matching bench.  Cleaned, adjusted and tuned.  5 year parts and labor warranty.

Measures 56 1/2" wide, 23 1/2" deep and 42" tall.


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Financing available, apply online!

Baldwin Hamilton Studio #307019

Baldwin Hamilton studio, custom ebony & Walnut cabinet. Professionally cleaned, regulated (adjusted) and tuned to A440.  2 year warranty, bench and delivery within 200 miles (sometimes farther depending on location) included.

Measures 58" x 25" x 45" tal

SOLD! Delivered to Tulsa, OK

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Yamaha U1 #3987655

Yamaha U1 studio, serial # 3987655.  Immaculate gloss ebony cabinet, bright brass hardware, beautiful keys, a real showpiece. Sound and touch wise it excels as well.  5 year parts and labor warranty, bench, delivery within 200 miles (sometimes farther depending on location) included in the price.


$3,995 (SOLD!)

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Financing available, apply online!

Pearl River UP-118E

Professional studio, designed for school or church use.  Double rubber wheeled, ball bearing swivel casters, full length music shelf (not the small ledge provided on some "professional" studios...), locking fallboard and top lid, robust construction. Satin ebony finish.  If you're considering a purchase for an institution like a school, university or church please come by and play this piano, you will be impressed.  Research Pearl River online and see who else they build pianos for....

Dimensions: 59" x 24 3/4" x 45 3/4" tall

Price $:  In Store Sales Only

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